Cruikshank's Comic Almanack for 1835, p.24.




"Dear Jane, will you go to Vauxhall?
We want just to make up a dozen;
Papa will stand treat for us all,
And, be sure, give a hint to your cousin.

There's something so charming about him,
(I've got a new bonnet and shawl)—
I should be quite unhappy without him,
And careless of even VAUXHALL.

My confession you'll never betray,
For I'm sure you can manage it all;
When you ask him, don't tell what I say,
But speak of the charms of VAUXHALL.

You can talk of the songs and the singers,
The orchestra, ballet, and ball;
I shall think that time spitefully lingers
Till when we all meet at VAUXHALL.

Say, there's Simpson the brave, who commanded
Our troops in the year forty-five;
Who killed Count de Grasse single-handed,
And took the French army alive.

And remember the lamps, - how they're clustered,
By thousands and thousands of dozens;
And then the dark walks - how I'm fluster'd
To think of your dearest cousins!

You can talk of the fireworks so gay,
And just mention the ham and the chicken—
We'll contrive to get out of the way,
While papa makes an end of his picking.

I should grieve to think drinking could charm him—
But ere all my project should fall,
If nothing in nature can warm him,
Then speak of the punch at VAUXHALL.

If all that you say don't avail,
I must die with vexation and anguish;
But I'm sure that your friendship won't fail
Your affectionate

                              LYDIA LANGUISH"





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